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Our Story

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Kiddies Aqua Swimming Academy™ was established in 2011 by the current owners Lizette and Arrie Botha. They previously owned Aqua Kid Swim School in Nelspruit for more than 17 years before Lizette became the Head Coach at Ryk Neethling’s swim school in Pretoria for three years. 

Lizette and Jean Fouace (Switzerland) are the founder members of Amphibies Babies Africa™. Jean is the pioneer and original developer of the Self-Rescue Water Safety Method for babies in the world since 1967. 


Kiddies Aqua Swimming Academy™ 

is the largest swimming academy for infants and toddlers in South Africa and presents more than

200 000

swimming lessons per year.

Our Philosophy

Kiddies Aqua Swimming Academy’s VISION is to become the best swimming academy in South Africa by continuing to offer top quality swimming lessons from infant to adult phase.


We take our clients’ needs seriously with the end goal of exceptional high client satisfaction and the delivering of the best skilled swimmers at all levels.


Kiddies Aqua Swimming Academy’s MISSION is to fulfill its vision by focusing on offering the highest quality, professional and complete service to our clients and consequently establishing ourselves as the leaders in the area of transferring water safety and swimming skills to people of all ages, genders and races.


We also strive to become the “Employer of Choice” in our industry. 


The VALUES of Kiddies Aqua Swimming Academy:

  1. Water safety and swimming skills for people of all ages.

  2. Business integrity and transparency.

  3. Respect, dignity and equal opportunity towards all stakeholders.

  4. Continues improvement, participation and learning.

  5. Attention to detail.

  6. Extraordinary client care and value-for-money offering.

  7. Personal touch.

  8. Care and investing back into our communities.

Our facilities

In 2015, Kiddies Aqua Swimming Academy was approached by the University of Pretoria (TUKS SWIMMING) to take over their indoor swimming facility at the L.C. de Villiers Indoor Sports Centre at their sports campus. This facility is perfectly equipped for all our programmes from Baby Floating, Learn-to-Swim, Stroke and Stroke Correction and Adult Swimming.  

  • Heated pool with ample parking.

  • Dedicated areas within the pool for every swimming lesson.

  • Two 12m lanes dedicated to stroke correction.

  • Large change rooms for boys and girls with showers, lockers and sufficient toilets.

  • Parents area to sit and observe what we do inside the pool.

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