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Self-Rescue for Babies

Kiddies Aqua Swimming Academy™ is the largest swimming academy for infants and

toddlers in South Africa.


In very basic terms the method entails the teaching and stimulating of an infant to float independently on his/her back (fully clothed) for a certain period of time (15 minutes), giving such an infant a reasonable chance of survival when help is not immediately nearby or available. It is all about controlling their breathing for short periods of time when submerging in water. ​


The Self-Rescue Water Safety Method that our head coach, Lizette Botha, is following is a combination of the Les Bébés Amphibies International method and her own method developed since she started teaching swimming in 1989. ​


The ability to float is a life skill that is entrenched in the infant’s development for life. They will never unlearn this skill and will always fall back onto this skill when needed in an emergency.

What People Are Saying About

Self-Rescue for Babies


Hanri Botha

I highly recommend Kiddies Aqua Swimming Academy. They train the babies with SO much love and compassion. I am so glad that I decided to take my baby for swimming lessons. Lizette, admin and the other instructors are the best there is !!! They truly love their babies! Thank you for giving very professional and loving lessons to my baby ♡♡♡


Asma Omar

Lizette and team are truly amazing. My son was not progressing at another school, and in January this year we started with the water safety course. Zeeshan completed the course in 3 months!!! He then started the learn to swim classes and is doing excellent.
Thank you Chanel (instructor) for the amazing patience, and gift you have with the kids! Zeeshan loves you to bits. 
I would recommend to all my friends kids that they join Kiddies aqua !!


Chantal Ras Van Nieuwenhuizen

Hi Kiddies Aqua team!
A few months ago, Ruben now 2 did the " floatation" course with you guys.
So whilst his dad is busy around the pool, Ruben is strolling around and in a split second lost his footing and fell in the pool. My husband was there in a second to pull him out BUT Ruben did not swallow ANY water, did not cough just moaned a bit! I want to thank you all! The techniques taught makes a huge difference!

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