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Any toddler from the age of 2-6 years can join us in this programme. This is the phase where the fun and love for swimming starts. We teach them in a playful and progressive manner to start enjoying the amazing world of water.


Infants from 9-24 months who have completed and mastered our Self-Rescue Water Safety Programme (Baby Floating) also join the older toddlers in this programme. ​


We follow a programme with a purpose and allow each child to progress according to his/her own ability. ​ The Learn-to-Swim levels remain educative, but still include self-survival skills. It also includes an exciting array of swimming accessories, water toys, animal floats, pool noodles, rings and water games to support en enhance the “fun” factor. ​


Whatever the age or activity, your child will have such a good time that he/she probably won’t want to get out of the pool at the end of the swimming lesson. They always beg for more swim time. ​


The duration of the lesson for the Learn-to-Swim is 20 minutes and we ONLY do three children per lesson per instructor to ensure speedy progress. These lessons are focused with the aim to have a better swimmer after each lesson. 

Teaching children how to swim in a fun-filled manner is an aquatic adventure that will change your child from a 'Survival Swimmer' into a 'Happy Swimmer' that cannot wait to get into the water with us, and perhaps turning into a 'Competitive Swimmer' one day.

Foundation Phase

Water Safety


Water safety remains the main focus, seeing that the toddlers are taught how to put their faces down, breath correctly, turn on the back, swim to the side, catch the side, get out of the pool, etc.


We enhance these new skills by repeating it as a trained drill. These drills build confidence when they are in the water. 



Stroke Fundamentals

Our learners are get exposed to the various strokes of swimming:
We teach them the basic fundamentals of these strokes in preparation for the next phase. Most of our learners can already master all four these strokes by the time they enter primary school in Grade One.   



Competitive Swimming

We focus on longer distances in the pool in preparation for competitive swimming at school, club- and provincial level.

On completion of this phase we then recommend our learners to a swimming club where they can launch a career in swimming. 


For school groups larger than 20 swimmers we collect the children from school and back. 

What People Are Saying About Our Learn-to-Swim Programme


Chantel Du Plessis

What an amazing team. My son was since a baby at a different swim school and after 18 months he still had a fear of water. January this year he started with Nyasha and what a soft and gentle person she is. 6 months later and he is doing amazing. After 4 months (Blake is strong willed) she got him to put his face in the water. And he is starting to swim short distances on his own. This mom is super happy with his progress and the amazing team Lizette has.


Naomi Rossouw

Best thing we could have ever done for our children. They love their coaches, they love the freedom they have to learn and grow every week. My girls are becoming swimming champs!

Nirvashnee Seetal

Kiddies Aqua has extraordinary coaches that have a real love for training children. Kiran absolutely loves going to her classes and adores her coach, Lujah. Lizette treats her clients as family, always doing her best to accommodate parents' busy schedules.

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