Stroke Correction

Our highly specialized instructors follow a philosophy of teaching our swimmers the first time right, allowing them to perform exceptionally well in competitive swimming already from a very young age. Our aim is to make all our pre-school swimmers gala-ready in all four strokes of swimming by the time they go to "big school".


The three different phases in this programme support this goal fully. We deliver top age-group swimmers year-after-year, with most of them achieving provincial swimming colors and even as far as national swimming colors. From a very young age we focus on the correct stroke, allowing them to develop into top quality young swimmers that can go all the way. Our swimmers respond very well to this programme and enjoy every moment of their swimming training.


We keep the lesson interesting and exciting for them by using an array of equipment and swimming drills to perfect their stroke. Our instructors give them first-hand training inside the water, helping them to understand exactly what we want to achieve with each stroke.


Most of our instructors swam at provincial and/or national levels themselves and know what is needed to teach and maintain the correct techniques.


We take pride when signing our swimmers off to larger club structures, because we know they will flourish and excel there.