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Frequently Asked Questions

Reliable Answers to Our Most Popular Questions:

At Kiddies Aqua we do understand that you might have a few of questions to ask for clarity and convenience regarding our various service offerings. We would therefore like to answer most of them as complete as possible. With our excellent reputation of delivering the best possible results for all our swimmers, we would like to take you in our confidence by answering some of the most frequent- and popular questions people normally ask us. Please do not hesitate to call anyone of our Client Care Coordinators at anyone of our branches if more information is required. They are most willing to assist on any of your questions or swimming needs. 

  • How long has Kiddies Aqua been in business?
    Kiddies Aqua Swimming Academy was established in 2011 by the current owners, Arrie and Lizette Botha. They have previously owned the very successful Aqua Kid Swim School in Nelspruit for 17 years. Lizette has spent more than 80,000 hours in the water during her career as swimming teacher since 1989 so far and has taught more than 9,500 babies to float and to be water safe and 20,000 toddlers and adults to swim. Our academy has become a very well-known household brand amongst the general public and swimming fraternity in Pretoria and the rest of South Africa. We even serve visiting clients from overseas on a regular basis. We are also in partnership with the University of Pretoria, the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation (South Africa) and Huggies Swimmers Disposable Nappies.
  • Where are your branches located?
    We currently have four indoor heated branches based at: Moreleta Park (706 Jacques Street, Moreleta Park, Pretoria) TUKS- University of Pretoria (L.C. de Villiers Indoor Sports Centre, 1 South Street, Hatfield, Pretoria). The indoor heated facility at Tuks has been structurally amended to accommodate the specific needs of the academy and the university. It has been subdivided into three sections where all the various product offerings can be facilitated and swimmers of all ages can be accommodated. It covers a section for the babies (Self-Rescue Water Safety Programme), one for the toddlers (Learn-to-Swim Programmes) and one for the older swimmers and adults (Stroke- and Stroke Correction Programme). After completing all the various phases at Kiddies Aqua Swimming Academy, the swimmers get encouraged to move on to the bigger pool at the L.C. de Villiers Stadium where TUKS SWIMMING is able to accommodate them to launch a successful career in competitive swimming. Our academy has become a feeding source for the club (TUKS SWIMMING). Alberton (52 Douglas Harris Drive, Meyersdal, Alberton) Cape Town (34 Avonmouth Avenue, Parklands, Cape Town) Centurion Branch (195 Meyer Street, Nierdapark, Centurion) Please Note: All our facilities are heated and indoors with ample and secured parking outside.
  • From what age do you start with swimming lessons?
    Our clients (swimmers) vary from ages six months to older than sixty years. All aspects of swimming are covered by our academy. The main focusis water safety lessons for babies (6-24 months), Learn-to-Swim lessons for toddlers (2-6 years), stroke and stroke correction lessons for young gala swimmers (6-12 years), adult swimming (any age) and lessons for Special Needs Kids (any age). Lizette and our team of highly qualified and experienced instructors understand the full cycle of a swimmer’s development path which stretches from the baby floating phase to the senior national swimming phase and can comfortably share this knowledge with our swimmers and/or our parents. The partnership between Kiddies Aqua Swimming Academy and TUKS SWIMMING enables our swimmers to follow this full development cycle with one service point as reference. A baby can start his/her swimming career at the age of six months with Kiddies Aqua Swimming Academy and end his/her successful swimming career at the age of 30 years at TUKS SWIMMING without the need to move from one swimming club to another. A swimmer’s whole career path can therefore be accommodated and facilitated by the partnership between Kiddies Aqua Swimming Academy and TUKS SWIMMING.
  • How long is the duration of the lessons?
    Self-Rescue Water Safety (Baby Floating) – the lessons are one-on-one with Coach Lizette. The lessons are initially very short, until the baby gets fitter. The final qualification lesson, after 3-4 months of training, can be as long as ten minutes, whereby the baby has to float on his/her own without any assistance. The baby only gets signed-off and awarded with a personalized gold mounted coin if Lizette is fully satisfied that the baby will be able to save himself/herself in a near-drowning situation. Her record speaks for itself. She has taught more than 8 500 babies to be water safe and 18 000 children to swim, without any fatality since she started with her career as swimming teacher in 1989. Learn-to-Swim (Toddlers – 2-6 years old) – 20-minute lessons, maximum three swimmers per lesson/per instructor to ensure speedy progress. Adult Swimming (18 years and older) – 20-minute lessons. Only one adult per lesson/per instructor to ensure speedy progress. Special Needs Kids (2 years and older) – 20-minute lessons. Only one child per lesson/per instructor to ensure speedy progress.
  • Do you charge any administration, registration or joining fees?"
    We DO NOT charge any administration, registration and/or joining fee, except for swimmers swimming at our TUKS facility. TUKS SPORTS CLUB charges a once-off annual club fee of R375 per swimmer. These funds are going straight to TUKS SPORT CLUB and do not come to us. TUKS Staff Members are exempted from this fee.
  • What is the period of the contract?
    Our contract runs from month-to-month with a 30-days notice period. This ruling allows us to make the necessary arrangements with the new client on the waiting list who will be filling your vacant space after you have left us. Your instructor also gets remunerated on a full-month’s fee income earned from every individual client he/she serves. The client is not obliged to attend swimming lessons during these last 30 days of the contract if they do not want to, but will still be held liable for that final month’s swimming fees.
  • Do you offer any discounts?
    We offer 10% discount to all families with THREE swimmers or more. We also offer 10% discount on a once-off payment for a full year’s booking. We also offer a FREE evaluation lesson to any LTS-swimmer, with no obligation to join. All new clients receive a FREE swim bag and swim cap when signing up with us.
  • Where do I report for my first lesson?
    Our Client Care Coordinators will be waiting for you and will assist you with all the documentation to be completed. They will make you comfortable and will introduce you to your new swimming teacher when it is your time to swim. The documentation takes approximately 12 minutes to complete and it is therefore advisable that you arrive a few minutes earlier before your first lesson starts.
  • What swim clothing and equipment do I need?
    All the babies need is a swimmers nappy and towel. Our toddlers, older swimmers and adults will need a swimming costume and towel. We issue a FREE swim cap to all our toddlers, older swimmers and adults on their first day of swimming with us. We also supply all other equipment like goggles, kick boards, pool noodles, water toys, rings, fins, etc. We have goggles and an additional variety of swim caps for sale for those swimmers who prefer to have their own goggles and more swim caps.
  • What happens if I am late for my lesson?
    You are allowed to attend the balance of your lesson, irrespective of being late. Traffic jams do happen and we do understand. Unfortunately, we cannot make up for the time you have lost, seeing that it will delay the clients (swimmers) in the next lesson.
  • Can I change my instructor?
    Yes, the choice where the client wants to swim lies with the client (swimmer), on condition that the other preferred instructor has got available space for that client (swimmer).
  • Can I change my timeslot?
    Yes, you can change your timeslot, on condition that there is another timeslot available for you.
  • Do you transport swimmers to your branches?
    Yes, we do have arrangements with various pre-schools where we pick the children up with our luxury bus and transport them to and from our branches. This arrangement is only for schools with 20x swimmers or more at that specific school. If you are interested in a quotation for your child’s pre-school, you can contact Arrie Botha at 082 570 9925. We work on a 40-km radius around our branches.
  • What are your trading hours?
    Monday to Friday – 8h00 until 19h00 Saturday mornings – 8h00 until 12h00 From early January until early December.
  • When can I sign up?
    Our clients can sign up anytime of the month. The first month’s fee gets calculated on a pro-rata basis, so you only pay for the lessons you receive in that first month. The following month’s fee will be the normal monthly fee.
  • How do I sign up?
    You can call any of our Client Care Coordinators at any of our branches until 18h00 in the evenings. They will assist you with your swim need and our available lesson schedules.
  • How do I pay?
    You can either pay CASH, EFT or with a CARD at our branches. Debit orders will soon be implemented. Our fees are payable in advance before the 2nd of each month. An account will be send to you on the 25th of each month, payable 7 days later. All account queries can be discussed with our Client Care Coordinators at our branches.
  • Do you break during winter?
    We have only three breaks during a calendar year and their dates are as follows, namely: One week over Easter (April of every year). One week during the winter school holidays (beginning of July of every year). Four weeks during December/January holidays.
  • Do you offer make-up lessons?
    Yes, we do, but only when our swimming instructor is absent or not available to present the lesson to you. It normally happens when an instructor is sick or away for training. In the case where it is the swimmers fault for not attending the swimming lesson, our instructors are willing to compromise a make-up lesson or two per annum/per swimmer, if time and space is available for that lesson.
  • Do you have franchise opportunities?
    Yes, we offer three different types of franchise opportunities, namely: Full Franchise – this option is for a new or existing swim school who wants to own and operate a fully branded Kiddies Aqua swim school. We train the franchisee in all aspects of our various swimming programmes and business operations. This new swim school will carry our branding (Kiddies Aqua Swimming Academy™ and Amphibies Babies Africa™) and will become a blueprint of our existing operations (branches). This include the training of: The Self-Rescue Water Safety Programme for babies (ages 6-24 months). The Learn-to-Swim Programmes for toddlers (ages 2-6 years of age). How to prepare young gala swimmers for competitive swimming (ages 6-10 years of age). Stroke and stroke correction for any swimmer (competitive or recreational – any age). The Adult Swimming Programme (18-years and older). The Special Needs Kids Swimming Programme. We also do full training on how to run and manage a successful swim school (which includes client care, timetable management, correct placement of swimmers, accounting and invoicing, marketing, procurement, pool maintenance, correct water temperatures, water hygiene, staff recruitment, staff in-house training, staff employment contracts, daily client inquiries and follow-ups, etc.). The training in the Self-Rescue Water Safety Programme for babies requires of a minimum of 400x practical hours with Lizette in the water. It can be done over a period of eight months (one week per month). An initial lump sum is payable to obtain the franchise rights for a specific geographical area together with a very affordable franchise fee to be charged on a monthly basis. 2. An Associated Franchise – this option is for an existing swim school who only wants to add the Self-Rescue Water Safety Programme for babies to their service offering or repertoire, but still wants to operate under its own existing brand/name. An initial lump sum is payable to obtain the franchise rights for a specific geographical area with NO monthly franchise fee payable. Training is the same as the above. The franchisee/swim school will be allowed to display the Amphibies Babies Africa™ as an associated brand to its existing brand/name. 3. LTS-Franchise – this option is for a new or existing swim school who only wants to teach our various Learn-to-Swim Programmes, excluding the Self-Rescue Water Safety Programme for babies. They want to do it under our brand name, namely Kiddies Aqua Swimming Academy™. The training is the same as the above, but excludes the training in the Self-Rescue Water Safety Programme for babies. A very affordable monthly franchise fee will be charged. If interested, you can call Arrie Botha at 082 570 9925 for more information on any of the above franchise options.
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