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Kiddies Aqua Swimming Academy is making a difference!

Teaching communities in South Africa to swim.


Proudly partnering with Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation Projects 

Project 1


Kiddies Aqua Swimming Academy sends two dedicated instructors once per week to Hammanskraal township, to present swimming lessons at no charge, to 34 deaf pre-school learners between the ages of 3- and 5-years old.

Kiddies Aqua sponsors this project from our own funds, which include the fuel expenses and toll fees for the trip to Hammanskraal township and back, as well as the provision of equipment (kick boards, pool noodles, goggles) and snacks for the kids, afterwards. We have also issued the children with FREE swimming bags and swimming caps.


Claesen's Nederland (Dutch Clothing Manufacturer) was so kind to sponsor the kids with very expensive swimming costumes.

We have also placed three teachers and one occupational therapist on a swim teaching course. We first had to teach them to swim themselves, and by that, we ensured that this project can become self-sustainable in future. 

Project 2



The learners from these three pre-schools are getting transported for FREE from Atteridgeville township to and back from our indoor heated facility at the University of Pretoria’s Sports Campus, aboard our own, brand new 23-seater luxury bus. These 200-plus learners swim on different days between Tuesdays to Thursdays. This project will be in its 4th-year in 2022.

There are 40 learners in this swimming program.

Each learner receives a FREE swim cap and swim bag from Kiddies Aqua when they join the programme.

The parents of these learners regularly visit our facility while their children are swimming with us and are very impressed and satisfied with the progress these little superstars show.


Three of Kiddies Aqua’s swimming instructors are allocated to this project.

Kiddies Aqua is also a co-sponsor of their Annual Awards Ceremony (Academic and Sport) that takes place at the end of each year. Each swimmer receives a high-valued and high-quality gold medal and the best performers receive a trophy.

Project 3


The South African U-17 and U-19 Women’s Soccer Teams spend six months every year with Kiddies Aqua Swimming Academy learning how to swim.


This project is now in its third year. We normally teach 15x players every season.


We are investing 90-minutes per week into each of them. 


Every year, after the completion of the programme we do a special medal ceremony with a lunch for them.

They get issued with FREE t-shirts, swim caps and swim bags. This together with the medals and the lunch are all sponsored by Kiddies Aqua. . 

Most of these sports ladies could not swim at all before starting with this programme and after six months of training we certify them as water safe and competent to swim.

Kiddies Aqua Swimming Academy dedicates three instructors on Saturday afternoons to this project every year.

Project 4


Every Saturday morning we teach 23x children from a school for kids with autism (known as Lessons 4 Life) for FREE. We are investing one hour per week into these very special kids. 


Their ages vary between 4-and 12-years.

This has been taking place 

since 2017. These children learn at their own pace and enjoy every moment in the water. 

The programme does not only consist of swimming lessons, but also water therapy. 

The children are transported by either the school and/or the parents to our heated indoor facility at the University of Pretoria.

Kiddies Aqua supplies them with FREE swim bags and swim caps and Lizette and two instructors are doing this project voluntarily at no charge.

Project 5




Kiddies Aqua Swimming Academy embarked on a programme,where we teach 

domestic workers and gardeners to swim. This is a voluntary project and we do not charge them any fee.


We spend approximately two hours per week on this project.

Existing clients are mostly introducing and bringing their domestic workers and gardeners to us. 

We also do CPR and First Aid Training with them.

They receive a FREE swim bag and swim cap from us and Lizette and one of her instructors are doing this voluntarily. 

Kiddies Aqua Swimming Academy
Kiddies Aqua Swimming Academy
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Kiddies Aqua Swimming Academy
Kiddies Aqua Swimming Academy
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