Meet Our Instructors

Estie Botha



Estie bonds strongly with her swimmers and parents. She is very patient in her approach and a superb stroke coach. She is creative and innovative in her thinking and gets her swimmers at a very high level of competency very fast.

She delivers quality swimmers year after year. She makes her swimming lessons exciting and interesting. She is a strong team player and very passionate about children. 

Karmen Mentz



Karmen is a highly talented swimming coach who understands the mechanics of the sport very well and gets her swimmers very quickly on a high level of competency.

She is passionate about swimming, with a loveable and friendly personality. She teaches them the perfect stroke and makes sure they are 100% swim-ready by the time they enter primary school.  She builds strong relationships with her swimmers and parents and always make their interests a top priority. 

Irene Mokoena



Irene is a super coach who learnt her trade through Lizette. She is fluent in several languages, including Afrikaans, English, Pedi, Venda, Sotho and Shangaan. She is passionate about swimming and a real mother figure to our swimmers. She is an enthusiastic student of the sport and always tries to stay informed on all the latest developments in swimming. 

Carmen Botha


Carmen has got a great touch with the children and loves assisting them to improve in their swimming ability. She enjoys sharing her vast knowledge of competitive swimming with the younger generation swimmers. 

Jaimé Myhill



Jaimé is much loved by her swimmers and parents and specialises in the bridging phase from babies to toddlers. She is also brilliant in teaching stroke and stroke correction to young swimmers and adults and assists us with our Special Needs Kids. Jaimé is a serving person and a brilliant team contributor and inspiration to our entire team. 

Mikal Botha


Mikal loves working with young children and takes great interest in their early development. She has got an excellent touch with the children and loves sharing her vast swimming knowledge with the older swimmers. She is already helping her mom, Lizette with the babies and the bridging phase between the babies and the young toddlers.  Further, she assists with stroke and stroke correction and gala preparation for our young competitive swimmers. 

Mike Dawson


Mike has got an unbelievable touch with the children, especially with the Special Needs Kids. He understands them and loves coaching them. He is also excels at stroke and stroke correction coaching.  Most of our adult swimmers swim with Mike. He is an enthusiastic student of the sport and always wants to improve and expand on his knowledge about swimming. He is also going the extra mile for his teammates and colleagues and no task is too big or too small for him.

Nikita Erasmus


Nikita joined Kiddies Aqua in January 2017. She completed her BA Human Movement Science degree at the University of Pretoria (2017). Nikita also served as an English teacher and a swim coach at the Deutsche Internationale Schule Pretoria (DSP) for two years. During her school years, she participated in several sports codes and was also a member of her school’s Student Council and Leadership Board for four years. Nikita also completed a Level-1 Swimming Foundation and Coaching Course with the American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) and a six-week in-house training programme with us. During her university years she completed several netball- and athletics referee- and coaching courses. Nikita is a very talented-, hardworking individual who takes her work as a swim coach very seriously. Her natural touch in the water and passion for children allow her swimmers progress at a fast pace. She loves working with children of all ages and excels in all the various phases of the swimming programmes our swim school has to offer.

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Lizandré Lewis


Lizandré joined Kiddies Aqua in November 2019. She moved from a swim school in Klerksdorp to us in Pretoria. She is currently busy studying in B.Ed Early Childhood Development through UNISA. She also completed a Learn-to-Swim Diploma through Swimming South Africa and a six-week in-house training programme with us. Her favourite stroke is Breaststroke and enjoys it most to teach children from 2-4-years of age. Seeing that she is so tiny, the children relate easily to her. They think she is one of them. With her friendly, loving approach, is she achieving excellent results with these little ones. Her motto in life is: “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game…”

 Esbé Moolman


Esbe joined Kiddies Aqua in August 2019. She holds a National Diploma in Clothing and Interior Design and a Learn-to-Swim Diploma through Swimming South Africa. She also completed a six-week training programme with us before she started taking her own swimmers. She played provincial netball during her school career. Back and Breaststroke are her favorite strokes and she enjoys teaching children 3-years and older. Esbe is a hard-working and well-organized individual. With her bright smile and soft-hearted approach is she loved by her parents and swimmers and she is achieving excellent results with the youngsters. She is a true student of the sport and is always striving to learn more about it. Her motto in life is: “Life is as colorful as you make it..” 

Imaan Adams

Imaan joined Kiddies Aqua in February 2020. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Psychology and is also a qualified Learn-to-Swim Instructor through Swimming South Africa. During her school career she represented Gauteng Province at the SA Age Group Championships in swimming. Her favorite stroke is Backstroke and she enjoys teaching children and adults of all ages. She is doing incredible upliftment work in the community of Eldorado Park and is dreaming of opening her own swim school in this community one day. Imaan is a fantastic swimming instructor with many years’ experience in the industry. She started working at our Tuks Branch, but then moved closer to home to our Alberton-branch. She is the complete deal when it comes to swimming instructors and with her very gentle approach is she achieving excellent results with her swimmers from a very early age. She has got the ability to take them all the way. Her motto in life is: “Faith has to be greater than fear…”   

Lizanne Viljoen

Lizanne joined Kiddies Aqua in June 2018. She will be completing a degree in B.Ed-Foundation Phase at the University of Pretoria in 2022. She completed the Learn-to-Swim Programme with Swimming South Africa and a six-week in-house training programme with us. Swimming has been part of Lizanne’s life since her very young school days. She excelled in the sport and was regularly selected for the South African Junior & Youth Swimming Squads during her school career. As senior swimmer, she represented South Africa at the African Swimming Championships (October 2021) where she won gold and bronze in the 200m Butterfly and 100m Butterfly respectively. She currently swims for Tuks Swimming Club. She understands the sport of Swimming very well and the hard work it takes to perform at the highest level. She loves sharing her vast swimming experiences and knowledge with younger upcoming swimmers. Her favorite stroke is the Butterfly and she enjoys working with young children from all ages.

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Courtney Van Biljon

Courtney is a young-, dynamic- and goal driven individual who completed her BSc Honors-degree in Kinderkinetics at the University of Stellenbosch in 2020. Before that she completed a BA Human Movement Science degree at NWU in Potchefstroom. She also completed a one-year internship in Kinderkinetics in Stellenbosch. During her studies she was a member of the Golden Key Society (75%+ for academic achievement). Courtney is also a provincial swimmer and also represented Maties at the USSA Swimming Championships. She is still competing actively in swimming and takes part in the South African Senior National Swimming Championships every year. She also completed a LTS-Certificate with Swimming South Africa, a Pediatric First Aid Course, a Kids Yoga Instructor Course, a Pre-natal Yoga Teaching Course and a Baby Gym Course where she is qualified to do baby stimulation and baby massages.


Courtney is passionate about children and how the human body works during exercise and always wanted to work for KIDDIES AQUA, due to her love for kids and for swimming.