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Kiddies Aqua is proud to be associated with Sanlam, a highly reputable company with more than 100-years’ of service delivery and service excellence. With their wide range of products and services on offer we feel that partnering with them can only benefit our valued clients. From Child Illness and Injury Cover to tailor made Education Plans for our little swimmers. 


Just like a well-planned- and structured swimming lesson, we believe that Sanlam can assist our swim parents in the planning of their children’s future. A safe young swimmer gives any parent peace of mind, similar to a well-designed financial- and family insurance portfolio/plan. As partners, we will be hosting exciting monthly competitions, information sessions, fun days, etc., for parents and swimmers to take part in. 


We have also established a Sanlam Information Desk at our Moreleta Branch where a Sanlam representative will be ready and available on certain days of the month to assist parents with product information, risk planning and portfolio management. With the communal goal of always placing the interest and needs our clients first, we are sure that our valued clients will benefit tremendously from this exciting partnership.

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Some of the benefits include (but not limited to): 

1. Child Illness and Injury Cover

Sanlam's Child - Illness and Injury Benefit has been developed specifically for children. While we understand kids being kids may mean a few scrapes and cuts along the way, more serious illnesses and injuries can place families under significant financial pressure. 

Get peace of mind with the benefit that covers a wide range of diseases, injuries, impairments and infections.

From as little as R100 a month. 

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The child illness and injury benefit pays a lump sum in the event of a child life insured suffering a defined dread disease, injury, impairment or infection-type claim event.

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Sanlam will pay the cover amount as a lump sum if the life insured dies while the benefit is still in force.

2. Death Benefit (DS)

Additional features if the benefit: 

  • Terminal illness cover is automatically included: If the life insured is diagnosed with a medical condition that, according to Sanlam, will result in death within 12 months, the plan-holder may apply for an early payment of the Death benefit. 

  • Immediate life cover and Free cover may apply*.

  • Can be taken for more than one life insured on the same plan. A claim for a life insured will not affect the cover of other lives insured on the same plan. 

Remember: Sanlam underwrites at inception only and then we carry the risk. In other words, you do not have to let us know of changes of occupation, smoking status, lifestyle, or activities. (Sanlam does however reserve the right to check that all information provided at the point of sale was correct and complete before admitting a claim.)

3. Income Protector

For most clients, their income is the biggest asset they need to protect. Income Cover products provide the ideal solution to this need, as the cover amount is expressed as a monthly income to exactly match the requirement, with long-term inflation protection available as well. Clients can also protect their income against temporary inability to work. 


​Pays tax-free monthly income when client is: 

  • Temporarily disabled - prevented from working for a period of time. 

  • Permanently disabled - prevented from ever working again in regular profession.


  • Ensures financial independence.

  • Income benefit can be matched to the client's income needs.

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Income cover provides protection against factors that may have an impact on a clients' ability to earn an income.

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Give your child the best possible education opportunities.

4. Education Plan

Your child deserves the best of everything, especially the best in education. It is clear that education is regarded as a key enabler of success, but there are certain challenges that make saving for education difficult. It all starts with understanding where you are at now, where you want to go to and how staying committed to your goals can get you there. 

To help you overcome these challenges and give your child the best possible education, we've developed Sanlam Goal Manager that not only helps you and your financial planner set your savings goals and plan your savings journey but also helps you to achieve them. 

​Every year, Sanlam Goal Manager will review your goal, send you the latest cost of education fees to show you if you're still on track and recommend adjustments to your monthly payments while showing you the impact this may have on your savings. It will feel great knowing that everything is on track and nothing is left to chance. There has never been a better time to invest in your child's education. 

5. Retirement Plan

The Sanlam Cumulus Echo Retirement Plan is a retirement annuity that gives you Wealth Bonus at retirement to boost your retirement savings. It is designed to help you stay on track with your retirement. You can start saving from as little as R300 per month. 

The longer you save the bigger the Wealth Bonus will be. You'll also have access to a personalised Wealth Bonus portfolio dashboard that tracks your accumulating savings and Wealth Bonus over time. 

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Start now for peace of mind later.

Every decision we make is guided by our promise to help clients live with the kind of confidence that can make a real difference: financial confidence. Imagine the peace of mind you'll have if you know how much income you want or need at retirement: Do you have a plan in place to retire with confidence? 

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